Read through the following important information before travelling to South Africa for your hunting safari with East Cape Bushveld Hunting. 


Caliber is always the most important aspect of your successful hunt. Some of our species are really tough. The best possible setup for the hunt includes the right rifle, cartridge and bullet for the job. We will work with you to advise and choose the right balance and arrange for it to be here for you.

We offer rifles/ammo for our clients use if the prospect of import/export hassle, extra costs of airline shipping and insurance, and possible loss or damage to rifles is daunting. To arrive at and return from SA requires normally three flight each way (six chances for loss, theft, or damage) often more risk for beloved firearms than their owners will tolerate.

We advise a caliber of not less than 6.5mm (example 6.5x284); .270 (.270 Win); 7mm (7mm Rem); .30 (.30-06, 300 Win Mag) and up are popular and the most dependable calibers for our animals up to Eland. Bullet choice is important. We use solid for smaller animals if mounts are wanted (like a .375 with a solid for the little duiker). It always works, but leaves something intact for the taxidermist to work with!

On the day of arrival if early enough, or alternately, the following morning we test and sight in the rifle(s). This also allows the client to get used to the rifle (if rented), the scope, and it’s' use standing on shooting sticks. This 'sighting in' also shows your PH how best he can assist you for the killing shot

ECBHunting operates in an ethical, legal, and authentic manner. We use the walk and stalk technique (old-timers called this 'still hunting') with viewing and glassing the bushveld to search for the desired animals. We call this fair chase. We adjust each hunt for the client’s individual needs. Climbing is minimized eliminated for more experienced but less active mature hunters. Different choices in technique are made for those who have significant challenges/handicaps.


We prefer PREMIUM expanding bullets except for where solids are needed. When we have decided on game animals the bullet choice will be determined and planned for each. Your PH will assist you to the correct shot but it is the bullet that ultimately does the proper, humane work (or fails).

If you are bringing your own rifle and ammo MAKE SURE it is in a premium strong hard case to reduce damage or loss.

Cull Animals

Cull animals are good opportunities for the first hunter or the person who wants to bag more animals at lower costs. These animals consist of younger male animals and some females. They give you the option to have a full flat skin of a species of which you already have a trophy.

These animals usually occur in big numbers or are those animals which need special management.

Main camp

The ECBHunting main camp and lodge is situated two exciting game viewing hours from the Port Elizabeth airport where we meet your commercial jet airplane. The camp is only 45 minutes from the historic Grahamstown in the heart of the valley bushveld. Grahamstown (also known as Grahamstadt in the history books) is a former real-life 'old west' town once complete with duelling 'cowboys', miners, boers, and adventurers on a dusty main street. Today the town claims Rhodes University an Ivy League institution as well as our nearest gun store.

The lodge is our base on one of our main hunting concessions. Our lodge is designed to give you the authentic African spirit, as well as, a luxury stay. The design allows everyone to have a great get together in the evenings around a warm African fire after a vigorous day's hunting with your PH and staff.

Typical Hunting Day

It would include an hour by hour day hunting like for instance:

  • 6:00 AM get up for shower and breakfast
  • 6:45 AM drive to concession
  • 7:30 AM prepare to hunt area
  • 12:00 noon lunch and hunting discussion repeat in the afternoon
  • 5:00 PM till late: drinks, dinner and wine around a campfire
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