Our Heritage

East Cape Bushveld Hunting is situated on an Eastern Cape farm with a rich familial heritage. Partner, Nico Els, is the sixth generation to have lived on the farm, which has been in the Els family for over a century. The knowledge and love for this land, its natural habitat, and species have been carefully passed down from generation to generation, to ensure its sustainability for centuries to come.

The family farm’s long heritage can be traced back to the mid-1880s. Nico’s fourth great-grandfather, Renier Christiaan Els, was the first family member to have lived on the property. Renier’s son, Nicolaas Jacobus Els, then took over the reins, before passing them down to his son, Gert Wilhelmus Els, in turn.

Gert Wilhelmus Els made way for Nico’s grandfather, also named Nicolaas Jacobus Els, who was born and raised on the farm alongside his two sisters and brother. Thereafter, ownership of the farm was passed down to Nico’s father, Jacobus Fryer Els, before finally being handed down to Nico Els.

As the sixth-generation farm owner and first-generation outfitter and professional hunter, Nico takes great pride in providing an authentic safari experience where treasured traditions and modern practices meet.

East Cape Bushveld Hunting co-partner, Elandre Human, is now also part of the family, having married Nico’s sister. Together, they remain committed to continuing the rich legacy of past generations.

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