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The Elusive Bushpig

24 Oct 19 - Elandre

Anticipating the Anticipated

Hunting is one thing, but hunting the most elusive is an adventure on its own. As Professional Hunters we do our best to get our guests and clients set up for success. 

So...bushpig was our focus. Having put tremendous effort and time in to luring a big bushpig in to our baiting site, I eventually got them coming in on a regular basis with a good routine...8pm every evening.

We tried to get two of our best clients onto this huge boar without success and so, I decided to go after him myself, this time around, not with a rifle but with the bow. With it being such a challenging set up with the rifle, I knew that the bow set up would be even more of a hand full. To top it off, we're taking the camera to try and film it.

Now the practicing starts and keeping an eye on the wind was crucial. Knowing that without any elevation or a blind, only a strong easterly wind would give us a slight chance.The weather predicted strong east winds for a couple of days in a row, so it seemed to be our best and only chance for success. Not only trying to get a shot at the pig but also filming it would be even more difficult. All the odds were actually against us but off we went.

As Newton would have it, they don't stick to their 8pm schedule but rather pitch up at 10pm. Seeing them with the infrared light makes us realize again how special it is to hunt these beasts. They are super sensitive to smell and noises so everything happens in slow mo to try and prevent scaring them off, but before they could settle in, the wind turns, they smell us and off they go. Unsuccessful. We abandon the hunt and go home tired and empty handed.

But it's not over yet. Couple days later I check the weather and phone Nico. Easterly is going to be strong this evening. We head out and get set up in the same spot waiting for the clock to hit 8pm but once again, they don't stick to their routine. Again, they come in at 10pm with sticks and branches cracking as they approach, announcing they're arrival. They settle in and start feeding. We switch the light on, pointing it at the boar. He is massive. I can still feel the light breeze in my face as I slowly pick up my bow to draw. I take aim slightly behind his shoulder and let the arrow fly. I hear a clear thump as the arrow strikes the boar and they take off heading straight for cover. They disappear in the dark and we are left with noises of rocks being knocked over and branched breaking. 

After about twenty minutes we follow up and find the spot where he entered the thicket. A couple drops of blood confirms it, it was a good hit, this pig can't be far. We stumble our way down into the riverbed and almost fall over him. Got him! What a delight and man, what 'n massive old boar. This hunt will definitely go down as one of my best experiences ever.

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